Almost 2 months without a blog?  Dang.

I made it through 7th semester, mostly in one piece.  Cried weekly, panicked daily.  Less than 3 months till our pinning ceremony, and as of yet, I still don’t feel prepared to tackle the real world as a “baby nurse”.  I hear that the first couple years as a nurse involve a steep learning curve, and at this point, I can believe it.  Isn’t it weird that you go through a bachelor’s program, and come out feeling like you still know absolutely nothing?  In fact, you might even know less than you thought you did.  I guess the same is true about life in general, though.

I was lucky enough to be placed in a neonatal intensive care unit for my preceptorship, which I will start in a couple weeks.  I am still having a difficult time deciding what I want to do when I grow up.  Go figure.  Nursing is my calling, but the field is so broad and there are endless opportunities.  Critical care, oncology, cardiac, mental health, rehabilitation; but how can I possibly choose when every area promises to be immensely rewarding?  I’m crossing my fingers that these 120 hours in the NICU will help me focus.  Critical care presents a challenge – this appeals to the lifelong learner residing inside of me.  Critical care has the adrenaline factor – also appealing to a girl who loves roller coasters.  Critical care will challenge my critical thinking – appealing to someone who enjoys puzzles and “how does this work?”  NICU will also help me refine my education and communication skills while teaching families.  We will also spend a couple days in an adult ICU, so I’ll be able to observe even more critical care skills and interventions.  Fun stuff!  – and I don’t mean that in a sarcastic manner.  =)

I just wanted to pop in with a short update – and I did – so it’s time to go back to studying!  See you guys later!



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